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I have witnessed the work Kamila has had with my athletes and I cannot express how grateful I am to have someone who has played the same sport as we have and can guide and mentor not only the athlete but also the whole family by creating a team and a plan to help them. I will always send my athletes to Kamila. She’s an incredible person but also a great mentor. 

~ Pri Lima

Head Coach at Optimum Beach Volleyball Club, Professional Athlete

When I began working with Kamila I was in a very dark place. Playing at a D1 level can be a very toxic environment which I learned quickly my first year of playing. With being injured my eating disorder took a very bad turn and Kamila was right there when I needed her. She’s so comforting and makes me feel so safe and comfortable during our sessions. I often find myself forgetting I’m getting [coached] because she just feels like a friend. I am forever grateful for my help from Kamila, and I can now say my eating disorder feels almost completely under control. I can’t thank her enough!

~ S.J.

 NCAA Division I Beach Volleyball Athlete

Kamila is a heart, mind and soul healer! She has an extraordinary way of being a coach, mentor and teacher for eating disorder recovery!  We are very blessed & grateful to have her as part of our recovery team! Her love, wisdom and experience are making a massive difference in the world! THANK YOU!!

~ Joe M.

Parent of a Soccer Athlete

Athlete Testimonials

My experience with Kamila was phenomenal! As a former D1 gymnast, I have struggled with body image issues and Binge Eating Disorder. Her sessions were significantly helpful for me since she understands being a high-level athlete and the pressures from coaches, competition, etc. She helped me with so many breakthroughs and backed it up with scientific research and actionable steps to move forward. Her knowledge of the spectrum of eating disorders is expansive, and she pours so much of her heart into each session.


Kamila made me feel seen, heard, and supported in every session, and held space for me to be vulnerable and dive deep. I continuously looked forward to learning more with her each week! She is so sweet and absolutely committed to using her experience to help others heal. I highly recommend Kamila to help guide you.

~ Hailey J.

Former NCAA Division I Gymnast

Kamila has been an amazing mentor and coach to me.  For over a year now I have been struggling with bulimia as well as anorexia.  There were times when I truly really thought there was no hope in recovery for me but I started meeting weekly with Kamila and it has made a world of difference.  Although things still aren’t perfect I have made an extreme amount of growth with Kamila’s mentoring and help.  Not only has she helped me with my eating disorder but also with different feelings and emotions that I feel.  She has helped me navigate through them and live a happier and healthy life.

~ Megan W.

NCAA Division I Beach Volleyball Athlete

I had the privilege of working with Kamila Tan my senior year of high school. Having her support was vital to the maintenance of my recovery when I first returned home from treatment. Kamila Tan is one of the most open minded, inspiring, and caring women I have ever met and she embodies resilience and love. Having a mentor who personally lived through the depths of her own eating disorder allowed Kamila to be so available to my emotional and physical struggles. She armed me with invaluable recovery tools which I still use on a daily basis and offered me unique perspectives on my eating disorder thoughts and core beliefs. Kamila is an amazing role model and was an absolute blessing in my recovery and I look up to her tremendously.

~ Maddie H.

High School Beach Volleyball Athlete

Kamila has inspired me in many ways throughout my recovery. She inspires me through her story of recovery, her self acceptance and love for self and body, and through her Instagram posts, quotes that she texts me, and from her being herself. Kamila is beautiful and strong and she inspires me to be myself, love myself, and love my body the way I am because my body has never given up on me through everything I have put it through. I am getting stronger every day.

At the beginning of recovery, Kamila believed in me more than I believed in myself. She helped me learn several skills to fight my ED and not let it control me. The skills I have learned have been a big factor in my recovery because when I am struggling I use them instead of unhealthy habits. The skills help me and make me feel good. She truly cares about me and supports me. Another thing that has been super helpful through recovery is text support. There are days and nights where I have had a hard time and felt isolated, but with support from Kamila, I got through it in a healthy way. She guided me with different skills I could use at that moment and she talked me through the emotional pain that I felt.

I feel very empowered to fight my ED. In the beginning, I didn’t want to. I was scared and isolated. I felt weak and I felt that my ED had already beaten me, but it didn’t, and through this Embracing Strength program I have learned that and I have grown so much. I am strong, beautiful, AND I have so much to live for. I did not learn that until I met Kamila. I am very grateful for Kamila and for this program that she started. Without it, I would not be where I am today. I would not feel motivated to recover and I would have no hope. I am a very lucky girl and Kamila is helping me get stronger, healthier, and happier to have the ability to become the best athlete I can be and follow my passions and dreams in life. Recovery is a long and hard journey, but I do not regret reaching out for help. Recovery has proved how strong I am on the inside and outside. I know I can beat my ED because I am learning from Kamila, who is a woman I admire in sport and in life, the strongest woman I know, an ED survivor, and a friend. Thank you.

~Kara R.
High School Beach Volleyball Athlete

Parent Testimonials

Kamila has been a really important part of my daughter’s progress. She has been a wonderful mentor and my daughter values every meeting with her. She immediately felt that “she gets me” and I could immediately feel her sense of relief that she finally had someone who really understood what she was going through with no judgment. Lots of people understand there is a problem but they don’t really get the full scope. Kamila definitely gets it. The fact that Kamila is an athlete and they both play the same sport created an even greater connection.  My daughter really utilizes the strategies that Kamila provides. Her mood is often elevated after their meetings and she always seems to walk away with hope and a positive energy. 


On the parenting end, Kamila shares information in a manner that is thoughtful and supportive. She is very informative and I immediately had a sense that she truly cared about my daughter. It was very reassuring and provided hope for me. My daughter couldn’t take in what I might have to say but she seems to hang on every word that Kamila has to say and has definitely progressed with Kamila’s help. 

~ Peggy W.

Parent of an NCAA Division I Beach Volleyball Athlete

Kamila was a positive, compassionate and honest coach for my daughter who is suffering with an eating disorder. She was able to help her in her transition into and out of the hospital. She was open to feedback and suggestions from us as to where she was at and what type of support she needed in those tough moments. I would highly recommend her.

~ Stacey M.

Parent of a Soccer Athlete

Kamila has a wonderful way of interacting with young people and their parents.  She is knowledgeable, responsible and very engaged in helping families work with young athletes who having eating disorders!  We appreciate all the resources and follow up she provided our daughter and family! 

~ M.R.

Parent of a Beach Volleyball Athlete

Desperate and terrified, I sat in my 17 year old daughter’s bed, unable to sleep trying to make sense of the silent killer that had stolen her. My daughter, with the kindest soul, sweetest spirit and the biggest smile had been battling an opponent that paled in comparison to any elite beach volleyball player she ever faced. Eating Disorder, Exercise Addiction, Bulimia, Body Dysmorphia, Depression, Anxiety, Binging, Restriction and Self Harm were terms that were part of a language that I did not speak. These terms were not a description of the person my daughter showed the world yet defined her internal reality and they were slowly killing her.

As I “Googled, Eating Disorders In Beach Volleyball Athletes”, I found Kamila, she spoke this language. I listened to her journey, and felt as though I was listening to my daughter. Easy going, everyone’s friend, athletically elite, insanely intelligent and dangerously sick. I emailed Kamila with my daughter’s story, hoping for a resource or maybe a recommendation for parents as I live on the opposite side of the country. What I received was Kamila, willing to be raw and vulnerable in sharing a parent’s struggle and challenges with Eating Disorders through the lens of an individual being controlled by the disease.

To say that this insight was invaluable does not do Kamila’s impact justice. Not only did it help me as a parent understand my role (self reflection IS hard) in my daughter’s illness, she encouraged self compassion, patience with myself and my daughter while focusing on recovery and healing. As I write this, I am reminded of what the fear felt like, that night 6 months ago, and Kamila’s role was the “game changer”. Kamila guidance is the reason I can write this from a place of knowing that recovery and healing is possible.

Progress and recovery are not linear however determination and hope are two very powerful weapons in the fight to eliminate this disease. My daughter still struggles, I still struggle but Kamila’s willingness to support our journey by sharing her own encourages us to wake up and fight the fight, tomorrow is gone and today is a gift!


My gratitude and admiration for Kamila Tan will never be quantifiable.

~ Brandy H.
Mother Of A Beach Volleyball Athlete

Coach Testimonials

My name is Mark Pa'aluhi, Head Beach Volleyball coach for Redondo Union High School. I recently had Kamila Tan speak to our beach team about body dysmorphia, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and many other things the kids may face growing up during high school and into college. Kamila made it very easy for the kids to understand and connect with her on many levels. Within just a few minutes she had the kids engaged and sharing their personal experiences which allowed for an open group discussion. These discussions provided solutions to various situations and a connection for someone to reach out to privately. I highly recommend Kamila to speak to your students and athletes of all ages. You will open a very important door to these young adults that will last a lifetime.

~ Mark Paaluhi
Redondo Union High School - Head Beach Volleyball Coach

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