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My Recovery Story

Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

About Me

Hi! I'm Kamila Tan, a health coach specializing in recovery from disordered eating and body-image concerns for athletes. I'm also a former NCAA Division I Beach Volleyball athlete, Master of Public Health, and eating disorder survivor.


My goal is to bring hope, resources, and coaching to athletes who are struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, and body-image issues because recovery is worth it!

My Approach

1:1 Recovery Coaching

1:1 coaching for current and former athletes to overcome body-image and disordered eating concerns.


Working with athletic teams, coaches, and athletic departments to create supportive environments for mental health.

Family Support

Family support sessions for parents and family members of an athlete struggling with disordered eating.

Client Testimonials

Recovery has proven how strong I am on the inside and outside. I know I can beat my ED because I am learning from Kamila, who is a woman I admire in sport and in life, the strongest woman I know, an ED survivor, and a friend.

~ Kara R.

Beach Volleyball Athlete

[Kamila] helped me with so many breakthroughs and backed it up with scientific research and actionable steps to move forward. Her knowledge of the spectrum of eating disorders is expansive, and she pours so much of her heart into each session.

~ Hailey J.

Former Competitive Gymnast

Kamila’s willingness to support our journey by sharing her own encourages us to wake up and fight the fight [...] My gratitude and admiration for Kamila Tan will never be quantifiable.

~ Brandy H.

Mother Of A Beach
Volleyball Athlete

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