• Kamila Tan



in the depth of the evening

or the bright morning high

i ask dangerous questions:





and Why:

how did all of this happen?

what does this all imply?

when will it be all over?

will we live, will we die?

i engage with my feelings

for they come stronger still

sometimes i’m in control

sometimes they’ve their own will:

am i here to fill others...?

or do i need to be filled?

in the fear i feel helpless,

in the givingi’m thrilled.

“to stay sane, stay connected—

but don’t physically touch.”

“for your health, move your body—

but don’t move it too much.”

for the future i’m waiting,,

to my hope i still clutch

& to the humans i love:

i miss you very much.


© Kamila Tan


Instagram: @poetrybykamila


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